Salesfeel is an enterprise Sales Automation Platform that offers AI-enabled technology to amplify your sales. The tool is built on the premise that your sales data is not hard to get. More than the data, the organizations should have a feel for the sales efforts without having to analyze volumes of data. Salesfeel is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together.


Maintain Daily visits and Orders of doctors or retailers in real-time via mobile facility. This can reduce reporting the Daily Call Report manually. Physical location tracking & monitoring of the field team.

The team can save their time in preparing of excel sheet to report their daily allowance, and travel expense can be reported by mobile. The Admin panel can be tracked and approved. We have automated everything.

Admin can add product & training videos and features in the app in which field teams can utilize the training session at any time and do the quiz program. Notification message to convey any information directly from top management to field agents.

A sales team can report to work from the field and verify the attendance in the App Dashboard. Custom form for collecting real-time data from the field regarding products. Samples and Gift management can be handled with ease way.


We delivered a mobile app specially designed to automate the execution, management, and monitoring of sales and marketing activities and power the field sales with meaningful insights that allow us to make more calls, sell more products, and record.

We have delivered an Admin dashboard that delivered you jump to detailed reports of all the tasks performed from field locations – like attendance, visits, expenses, etc. where you can also export the reports you require.