Unsworth’s Pathway

Pathway – Developed by Unsworth The revolutionary new freight management platform


Pathway provides you a freight Management platform to to track all your Supply chain Process

With continued growth of our clients retailing and distribution operations across the world, logistics provider that could deliver consistent freight management practices for all shipments of their directly sourced product, from around the world.

It was paramount that the solution provided transparency across key milestones, in order to not only manage the effective flow of shipments at a day to day level, but also report on the key issues that could lead to incremental supply chain costs.

With Pathway there is no need to ask, you Just Know. An online platform available on all your devices, Pathway contains all the information, communication and documentation associated with each movement. Live Tracking let you track all your supply chain participants in real-time, with customizable dashboard

Client challenge

  • Responsive Dashboard: It is a Web Dashboard but should be responsive in mobile devices
  • Real-Time Vessel Tracking: To track the vessel in real-time, with fetching position from external source and to maintain the records
  • Live chat: To instantly help our customer and get more business
  • Milestone notification and exception alerts: To check where the cargo is in, And to find whether any exceptions in the shipment

To provide the shipment data and the tools to optimize the supply chain process. To benefit importer and exporters with provide sufficient information for the consignment


Customized dashboard to drill down, filter, and to aggregate data, and uncover trends in performance it helps Importers and Exporters to streamline supply chain operations, simplify the shipping process and increase logistical efficiency

Agile Cyber Solutions has been an integral part of our team for many years, working together on several projects, consistently delivering innovative solutions, tackling complex challenges, and fostering collaboration. Their deep expertise, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and clear communication make them an invaluable asset. Highly recommended for any organisation seeking excellence.

Christian Karanikki