Revolutionising Workflows for a Digitised Lifestyle

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, the need for streamlined and efficient processes is more critical than ever. Steinar Matre and Jarle, two passionate entrepreneurs from Norway, recognized this pressing need and set out on a mission to transform day-to-day tasks by reducing paperwork and promoting a more digitized lifestyle. However, they faced significant challenges in realizing their ambitious vision. Without the necessary expertise and resources, Steinar and Jarle found themselves struggling to bring their groundbreaking idea to life. They knew that if they didn't solve this problem, they would miss out on potential opportunities for growth and innovation in an increasingly digital world. That's when they decided to create “My Things”

Unlocking New Potential: Enhancing Technology for Mobile App Development

After reviewing Steinar and Jarle's technological proposal for the mobile app, we noticed an appealing opportunity to improve the technology, resulting in significant cost savings during development. The proposal had a solid foundation, but we believed that by recommending a new technology stack, we could align better with their objectives and ensure improved performance and scalability and minimize unnecessary expenses. This not only resulted in cost savings but also allowed for faster development cycles and increased efficiency.. Steinar and Jarle were open to accepting the change and were committed to achieving the best possible outcome for their innovative app.

Delivering Exceptional App Development Solutions: A Journey of Trust and Success

In the dynamic world of app development, the customer plays a pivotal role as one of the most important stakeholders. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that they feel like an integral part of the app development process from day one.

The implementation of the new technology stack proved to be a game-changer for Steinar and Jarle's innovative app. The improved performance and scalability not only enhanced the user experience but also positioned their business for future growth.

The trust gained during the initial phase paved the way for subsequent phases of app development. Over the course of Eighteen months, we have consistently delivered outstanding results, leading us to the ninth phase of the project. Our unwavering commitment to professionalism and excellence has enabled us to exceed our customer's expectations at every step of the journey. By consistently delivering on our promises, we have built a strong bond of trust with our customers.

Fueling Growth: A Promising Partnership with Steinar and Jarle

Having developed an impressive Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Steinar and Jarle have recognized the value we bring to the table. Their decision to continue their growth journey with us is a testament to the success of our initial collaboration. We are honored to have gained their trust and are eager to leverage our expertise to further refine the MVP and enhance its features. We look forward to the exciting times ahead and the positive impact our collaboration will have on the lives of My Things users